Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What is that silent noise????

The silence on my blog must have been deafening, but I just couldn't find the time nor the peace inside me to blog. I was painting!!

The summer was filled with wonderful projects: mural, drawings, paintings and live painting.

First I was invited to participate in the beautification of Carol City School in Miami Garden aka "Art in the Gardens". This school has fought to make it a safe place for their students in a challenging environment. Part of this project was to bring uplifting art to the students via their walls. 

"Little Winner"

This was my contribution to the project: a reminder that they all have talents, some more obvious than others, but nevertheless. I painted it in the colors of the school.. so my usual red was replaced with a bright orange. And I like it.

I also got the wonderful news that one of my pieces was selected for the Seventh All-Media Juried Biennial at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood (FL). A huge honor as only some 80+ are selected from over a 1000 entries. 

"Dona Isabel and her Control" in good company at the Biennial.

In the mean time I was also working on 2 commissions:
A little Frida and a piece based on the "Girl interrupted at her music" by Vermeer.

"Little Frida" (2015)
9" x 12"
Acrylics on boxed wood

"Planning a Gourmet" (2015)
30" x 30"
Acrylics on canvas

And this was not  all... but I know that breaking the silence with too much noise is never a good idea... so I will keep the other projects for the next blog... See you soon.


  1. Damn! Here I was, all curious...I like these alot.

    1. Darn, missed you in October but found you in December... ;)

  2. Love the expressions on the people's face like Frida and the swimmer. Love the color choice of the swimmer. Very unusual and fun.