Paintings: Fresh from the Fridge 2009

Below are 9 paintings from the series "Fresh from the Fridge"

$ 320.00 (12 x 12) - unframed
$ 360.00 (14 x 11) - unframed

Please add $ 40.00 for framing.

Prices are not including shipment.

My Cher Cherries (12"x12" - oil on canvas)               in private collection

Kiwi Combo(14"x11" - oil on canvas)                           in private collection

Sweet Bells (12"x12" - oil on canvas)

Red Hot (14"x11" - oil on canvas)              donated to Paws 4 Rescue

Double Seduction (12"x12" - oil on canvas)

Two Tomatoes Too (14"x11" - oil on canvas)

Lemon on Blue (12"x12" - oil on canvas)
Blueberries on the Run (12"x12" - oil on canvas)
Pear's Trio (14"x11" - oil on canvas)              donated to Paws 4 Rescue

Complexity (12"x12" - oil on canvas)                 in private collection