Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bad things that happen and Good things that happen too!

Sometimes I get that people think that artists party a lot and live the life of a 19th Century Bohemian in Paris... but many of us don't. We go to the studio every day and work. If you are lucky to be in a building with several studios - like I am - you share what you do with other artists... we have coffee together... and complain about all the bad things that happen and share all the good things as well. And then right back to your own studio and back to work!

Sounds pretty much like life in an office, doesn't it? In some ways it is but with one huge difference:
I love what I am doing... it makes me get up in the morning.. It feels great to see my creation come to life on canvas or wood. It makes me want to do more... and again and again... And every day is different!

Then there are days that nothing works... the days any artist should stay away as far he / she could from the studio. I had such a day last weekend. Did I listen to my gut feeling? Of course not. I was working on a commission and I really wanted to finish it. 

After a few hours of working I looked at it and to my horror I had overworked it... it looked awful (and that hurts me to say so). I freaked out, tried to correct it which made it look even more awful, and called my better half at home. He calmly listened to my rants and then asked "Do you want me to sand it down?" 
This commission is on a wooden panel and sometimes I ask him to sand it down if I am not satisfied with the result.... On canvas it is a little hard to sand it down but on wood.. I have him to delete my mishaps. And that is what he does and I start over again... doing what I love!

And good things happen too of course... like this morning when I opened my email and realize that somebody wrote an article and mentioned me. That makes me feel so amazing!

Here is the article:
and the took it and made it part of their online publication. 

And I am back to work... getting ready for the February Art Walk or as I call it "The LOVE Edition" with some special LOVE-M's like the little fellow below:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Little M's to start the New Year with a smile...

Here are some of the latest M's which are currently for sale in my studio... 

They are all part of the series "Proprietary Innocence and to see all the pieces from that series, click on the following link 

Little M 2
Acrylics on Birch Wood

Little M 3
Acrylics on Birch Wood

Little M 4
Acrylics on Birch Wood


Little M 5
Acrylics on Italian Poplar Wood