Sunday, April 5, 2015

WALL BRAWL March 2015

I was invited to participate at the Wall Brawl Miami to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Florida. For those of you who do not know what a Wall Brawl is: a contest between artists to create a piece of art within a very limited time frame of a few hours.

I had never done a Wall Brawl before and I was a little worried: 3 hours to paint a piece of 24" x 48"... I never done that.. well since my days at the Art Academy (little time to do homework so it was mandatory to be extremely fast). So needless to say I was nervous about it, not only because of the time frame but also because I was going to be painting next to (street) artists whose work I truly like.

photo credit: Alessandro Abate

So there I was... nervous, thrilled and did I say nervous at the same time. I set my things up and started painting like a mad woman...
And the 3 hours passed by like it was nothing and 3 hours of pure joy for me.. Not only had I fun painting the piece, I had some pretty nice encounters with the audience and it was a pleasure to see the other artists work develop during the event. 

The pieces were in a silent auction and people could bid on it all through the night and also vote for their favorite piece.
The bidding closed the moment the artists had to put down their spray cans/brushes... and all the pieces sold!!!

Photo credit: Mitchell Zachs

Including this little girl... and then The Hitman (my partner in all my crimes) came running to me and told me that they were calling my name... I won the Wall Brawl!!!

photo credit: Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Florida
My first Wall Brawl and I won my first trophy ever... and we all sold our pieces, making a sweet amount for the Ronald McDonald House charities!!