Sunday, February 22, 2015

The making of: "Together - an interpretation of a peaceful moment"

It started with the reference painting - my muse piece if you want - : "Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper. This painting always seem to have reflected a loneliness, the sort you see so often after closing hours, the last coffee before going home. There is almost an embracing silence where the only one using words is the server.

In my rendition of this painting I wanted to capture silence as well, however a different sort of silence: a conversation between children interrupted by the viewer, they stop talking and look at us. We are outside of the diner and outside of their conversation, invading their moment together. 

Where Hopper's painting depicts a perfectly empty street, I wanted to insert a sense of danger and in the left side of the painting I included debris of a building collapsed which contrasts both the rest of the street as well as the clean bright interior of the diner. The children inside the diner, dressed up like super heroes, seem to be safe (for now) from whatever was/is happening outside.

"Together - an interpretation of a peaceful moment" was painted in Paynes Grey, Neutral Grey, Titanium White, and Permanent Red.