Monday, October 21, 2013

Monique Lassooij Art - American Gothic Growing Up

Here a little animation that a good friend of mine in Holland did for me. 
And I am so happy with it!!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Little Kurt Cobain... and so much more

After "Little Jimi" and "Little Janis" a "Little Kurt" could not be left out.And while painting this one, I learned so much about him, that I wondered how this genius had passed me by back in the 90's. 

At first I wanted to put the words "Come as you are" in the back ground but for some reason it didn't cover him enough.. so after long deliberation I decided to go for the Nirvana logo, even though he was way more than Nirvana. 

Little Kurt
11" x 14"
Acrylics and Resin Coating on
Italian gesso panel

And now back to paint more... 6 panels of 9" x 12" for the Art Fair in Mexico City and then starting with 2 canvasses of 55" x 46" for Art Basel. Oh, and also a small commission of 9" x 12" and a larger one of 16" x 20"... and somewhere in between I have to breath... I love my life!!!