Thursday, August 29, 2013

MUGSHOT.... and then some...

What do you do when you get into the studio as an artist and you bring your new mugs with you.. Not just any mugs, but mugs with your artwork on it. Simple, you get 2 other artists and have one take a MUGSHOT.

And today I am the Featured Artist on The Artistic Blog.

Yes... I am having a great day!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SOLD before the paint was dry...

Janis Joplin was the last addition to the series "Proprietary Innocence" I had finished on the day of the Downtown Miami Art Walk... Carefully I framed it... not even coated with resin because that would take at least 3 days to dry and I wanted to show "Little Janis". 

6 PM: my studio is ready, I am ready and Janis is ready... 
6:05 PM: A nice lady walks in, tells me she is a fan of my work and that she read on my Facebook Page that I was painting "Little Janis". Then she took a good look at Janis, asked the price and said:
"Sticker it, it is mine!"

These are the best starts of an Art Walk!!