Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring of the Arts

The Galleria’s “Spring for the Arts” will unite Broward’s diverse array of arts groups from April 2 through April 30. The arts celebration was created to educate, inspire and motivate the community to embrace the arts. Spearheaded by The Galleria, this month-long program will provide a platform for local arts groups to promote their organizations, plus raise funds for Funding Arts Broward, which provides grants to further the arts in our community. Life Is Art is presenting several South Florida artists on April 2nd and 3rd.

And as you can see at the poster, I am one of the lucky artists who is juried into and who will be presented at this two-day event.

If you are in the neighbourhood this Saturday and Sunday, step in and enjoy our work.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What is on my easel...

Last Saturday I finished this painting and I named it "Secrets of a childhood".Again I painted on an unstretched canvas with acrylics. The painting itself measures 33" x 35". with a band painted in blue of 4" all around it.

The subject relates to me when I was a little girl and I would hide little secrets inside certain dolls. It could be a pebble, a little note, anything that I felt to be my own little treasure and some things I did not want anybody to know about. But even though I was always a little afraid that somebody would find it, I never thought all these little things inside a doll's body would make a noise. I now know my mother would take the arm of the doll to look inside, curious what made that noise when she moved the dolls to clean, but she never said anything to me about what she would find.