Monday, May 26, 2014

New Work and Commission send away...

Whenever I have an Art Walk (first Friday of the Month) where people come to visit me in my studio or when I have a show, I try to have new work ready. Not always an easy thing to do, but so far (knock on wood) I pulled it off. At the same time I have to work on commissions and other obligations.

Last Thursday I had a show with RAW ( and I made 6 new pieces for it all with the subject "MOVIES". RAW is a one-night-event and I sold one piece during the show. Below are two to warm you up...

Little  M20 (aka NANA NANA NANA NANA)
6" x 8"
Acrylics on Birch Wood

Little  M21 (aka Till Death do Us Part????)
9" x 12"
Acrylics on Birch Wood
Finally I could also send my commission to Dubai last week as well. I am thrilled with that because commissions to far away countries steps the "game" up for me and I  really like that.

Little Basquiat Too
9" x 12"
Acrylics and Resin on Wooden Panel