Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Disturbed Children

Little VvG (aka Little Vincent van Gogh)
3.5" x 5" on wood floor sample
Acrylics, Ink, Color pencil and Epoxy Resin Coating

 Since several weeks I have been participating in "Miami Free Art Fridays" (click here to see more on Facebook). Basically artists are giving away (yes for real) samples of their art on Friday. They leave clues on Facebook where they have left the piece(s). All the lucky finder has to do is find it, take a picture of themselves with the piece and put that on Facebook. 

It is great fun for both the artists as the "collector" and I know it because I also found work and now am the proud owner of one of Derek Wilson's pieces.

Two weeks ago I put Little VvG out in the streets of Downtown Miami but my clues were too easy for some and it was found in minutes...
But then people contacted me on Facebook and I received 2 commissions out of this little sample (one for a larger sized VvG and one for a Dali portrait in this style).

So this week, I will make it harder (but not impossible) for people to find my latest contribution: "Little Pretty, Pretty Flower" 

Little Pretty, Pretty Flower
3.5" x 5" on wood floor sample
Acrylics, Ink, Color pencil and Epoxy Resin Coating

And then I also finished my "Grumpy Lisa" and this little girl is for sale.

Grumpy Lisa
6" x 8"
on Italian Gesso BoardAcrylics, Ink, Color Pencil


  1. Those are great! They totally remind me of Edward Gorey.

  2. I love little grumpy Lisa! What a cool idea as well.

  3. LOVE these, especially Grumpy Lisa and I like the whole free art idea. Very cool, chica.

  4. RK: Thanks for the compliment.
    LLCJ: Thanks... and more to come!!!
    Ily: Thanks Chica... paintings and artists... I will tackle them both...lol