Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A painting in good company...

It makes me happy to see the new owner of one my pieces being happy with it. What makes me more happy if they send me a picture of that piece hanging on their wall... and adding their beloved pet to the picture:...PRICELESS!

Here is Luna with the painting "Pensive"


  1. I am loving all your doggies so much!

  2. Beautiful! You're making the world a better place with your artwork...and I'm sure you're making the pets happy, too!

    PS - I know where your doggies idea came from. I remember the story of what you would do when random people on the streets approached you wanting to speak to you about God. LOL

  3. LOL... actually the idea came from a documentary about genetic manipulation of food and it seemed like the concept was new. Then I thought that dogs are genetically manipulated as well...for centuries... the only difference is that we -mankind- agree that the result of that manipulation is cute.