Sunday, August 19, 2012

A splash of back ground

I have been working hard at this painting.

After working for some time in blue I realized that the painting needed a splash of colour... literally a splash! So I prepped my painting, took it outside and....

Started splashing....

and some more....

Until I was satisfied with the result.

and after removing the cover from the painting....

This was the result.

But is it finished?   Noo and updates will follow...


  1. What is the origin of this painting? Love the splash. What would you do if you didn't live in Florida and couldn't get outside to embrace your art? It thrills me to see your genius at work:)

  2. Annie: Then I would need a big studio... or a completely rundown home...;)

  3. Your best piece by far. I'm really liking the splashes of red with the blues. Nice tricks you have up your sleeve, amiga (or as the Hitman would say, your skirt!). LOL

    Cheers to both of you!